Our vision

Our vision in to emerge as the market leader in the region, catering to and for new market in air travel, never experienced before in this region. We will understand our customers and the needs of our staff at all times and will ensure that we exceed their expectations in every way. We will always demonstrate care for our customers by anticipating their needs, with attention to detail, and with warmth and care.”

Our Objective

RonanAir’s objective is to be one of the finest international private airlines in the region of our operations. We will engage in the business of carrying passengers, pilgrims, tourists, travelers of every pursuit, goods, mail and cargo of every description. “RonanAir” will also travel to intermediate points or vice versa as principals, agents, charterers, contractors or otherwise, either alone or in conjunction with others. We will be equipped with and organized to offer conventional, lawful and legitimate means.

Our Biggest Benefit

We will operate at minimum cost. The entire system will have only the most necessary personnel and equipment, following the footsteps of other thriving airlines. Our airline tickets will also be sold via our airline partners, plus through the internet, giving access to everyone wanting to buy a seat on board and thereby obliterating the cost of opening offices in various locations across the globe. This will be a huge cost saving factor. The customer will ultimately benefit by getting his/hers airline ticket at a very nominal cost because of these cutbacks.

Our Aim

To provide a Quality, Reliable & Service Oriented air travel at affordable prices to the international Business and Tourism markets. To assist in developing Hungary as a tourist destination, exposing its vast potentials, also to make Budapest a vibrant aviation hub both for passenger and cargo we strongly believe our efforts will bring substantial direct and indirect financial and employment benefits to Hungary.

All controls and procedures will be according to required international aviation standards and practices.

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