Ronan Group New Office in Sri Lanka

REVISIT TO THE BEGINNING Ceylon Carriers was established in 1945 in the after-math of the World War II by the late Charles Nanayakkara As Ceylon Carriers grew from strength to strength, it progressed and maneuvered its way through miles of transportation, be it goods or tourists. Until today, the success of Ceylon Carriers has been their credibility, efficient service and reliability which have satisfied clients […]

Sri Lanka’s first exclusive event destination mall known as Ronan International Centre (RIC) which spans 68,000 square foot was re-launched this July to give customers a shopping experience unlike any other. The specialty mall which cost Rs. 644 million for completion welcomes three new stores to its exciting foray of existing retail outlets. There is something for everyone in the family, from a free kids […]

Mr.Rohan Nanayakkara is the eldest son of the late Mr. Charles Nanayakkara the founder chairman of Ceylon Carriers the pioneer tourist company which for over fifty years was partner with Ibsuz (Hungary), Cedock (Czech republic), Orbis (Poland), Intourist (Russia), Putnik (Yugoslavia),ect. Being the Honorary Consul of Hungary in charge of the Hungarian Consulate in Sri Lanka, Mr. Nanayakkara is receiving a massive support from Hungarian government […]

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