Ronan International Airlines of Hungary

RonanAir, is an international airline for Hungary, The primary objective of the company is carriage of goods and passengers by air, regionally and internationally with the ambition to make Hungary an important hub in Europe. Our findings showed as a tourist destination – Hungary, it’s beautiful facilities, citizens and the products are unique. We feel it properly promoted, Hungary could be way ahead than other countries in the region. The location of Budapest is well situated to be an ideal passenger and cargo Hub for Europe and newly emerged countries of the former Eastern/Central Europe.

RonanAir kft is  operating from Budapest to Cites in Europe, Middle East and Asia. The above will bring much new passengers and cargo to Budapest and also we intend to promote Budapest as a transit point. When developing routes we will always promote Hungary also as a destination for investment.   Our aim is to operate on a “full service” model, functioning under minimum operating costs and offering attractive ticket price.  Recent surveys and market research indicate that there is high demand for such travel and cargo service to and from Middle East, Asia and Europe

RonanAir is a new horizon for Hungary which is a country, Mr. Rohan Nanayakkara, serves as the Honorary Consul General for Hungary about two decades who is as well, the chairman for RonanAir kft.


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