Ronan foundation is a CSR arm under R – group to empower the community. Foundation addresses “The Millennium Development Goals” (MDG’s) mentioned in the UN report 2014 which was themed ‘The State of the Global Partnership for Development”. Ronan Foundation has initiated number of projects to empower the life the poor, women and children. More over foundation is craved towards the “Go Green Concept, Zero Carbon Emissions and biodiversity conservation”. All this projects are carried out by Project-initiatives, advisors, resource personalities and technical partners. As the main donor agency, we are happy to say, Ronan Foundation is one of the most exclusive CSR project – implemented under the R- group to support the community with no intention in getting back.

From the Ronan Foundation, more than 100 houses were built and given to the Poor and the families of former Employees of Ceylon Carriers (2004-2006). Tsunami that came subsequently made us to create another 300 houses, and a school, for which much assistance was received from various Hungarian organizations like Caritas Hungarica, Hungarian Baptist Aid, Hungarian Maltese Charity Service, National Directorate General for Disaster Management of the Ministry of the Interior (NDGDM), National Ambulance Service of Hungary, Hungarian Red Cross and of course the Government of Hungary.