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Hungarian higher education has been representing academic excellence for more than 650 years. The first university was founded in 1367 in Pécs, the Southern region of Hungary. We represent 25 higher education institutions in Hungary, ranging from minor universities of applied sciences to top research universities. 

As a result of Hungarian institutions’ internationalization process all students can find what fits their interests the best: some institutions offer more than 30 courses in English. The English language programs are of a high standard and tuition fees are very favorable when compared to its competitors.

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The range of study fields students can choose from is wide:


  • Agricultural Science
  • Computer Science and Information Technology
  • Business Administration and Management
  • Legal Science
  • Economic Science
  • Medical and Health Science
  • Arts, Arts and Humanities, Arts Education
  • Engineering Science
  • Social Science
  • Teacher Training
  • Sport Science
  • Natural Science

The largest institutions offer courses in all study fields while smaller institutions have programs in a few specific areas. Students can earn double degrees at many universities through joint degree programs in which the Hungarian university works together with another European higher education institution. In case of applying for these programs students enroll in both universities and obtain a double degree from both institutions.

Higher education studies are offered at two types of higher education institutions, egyetem (university) and főiskola (college), both of them may offer courses in all three training cycles: Bachelor course, Master course and Doctoral course.


Although the degree structure is divided in most courses, there are some integrated (one-tier) programs where the Bachelor level and the Master level is unified: veterinary medicine, architecture, dentistry, pharmaceutics and medicine. These one-tier programs consist of 10-12 semesters (5-6 years) and by the end of the last year you must have 300 to 360 credits completed.

Within a Doctoral Program, you need to complete 240 credits within 4 years of study. At the end of the fourth semester, a final examination must be taken. After a successful examination, the last 2 years of the doctoral program are about conducting the research and writing your dissertation, which can be extended with one more year.

If you are a non-EU student you can study in Hungary for free with a Stipendium Hungarian scholarship. This scholarship also provides a cost-of-living allowance a month and University accommodation or a private accommodation allowance per month. 

Getting a job or starting a business right after you graduate is very difficult. To help foreign students bridge the gap between graduation from a Hungarian university and starting a gainful activity, there is a new type of residence permit available for fresh graduates. This “study-to-work” permit allows applicants to stay another 9 months in Hungary after graduation, which is plenty of time to find a job or start a business – at which point this interim permit can be changed to a residence permit based on gainful activity.

Every foreign student receiving a degree from a Hungarian university or college (or any other higher education institute) is eligible for the study-to-work visa but you must hand in your application no later than 15 days before your student residence permit expires.

A Permanent residency permit requires 3 years of Hungarian residency prior to application, and it will let you live, work or study in Hungary without limitations or extra permissions. It is valid for 5 years (or until your passport expires), after which you can even apply for Hungarian citizenship.

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