Our Proud History

Ceylon Carriers marks the advent of the R-Group of companies, which was established in 1945 in the after-math of the World War II by the late Charles Nanayakkara. As Ceylon Carriers grew from strength to strength, it progressed and manoeuvred its way through miles of transportation, be it goods or tourists. Until today, the success of Ceylon Carriers has been their credibility, efficient service and reliability which have satisfied clients over the many decades. Immaterial of number or weight, inland or off-shore, foreign or native, Ceylon Carriers handled anything anywhere, to the amazement of our clients in whatever category it may be.

Today this very same company has grown to encompass much more. Proudly part of the R-Group is the prestigious Honorary Consulate of Hungary, RonanAir, Ronan Centre, Ronan Air Holidays, LankAir and finally the Ceyhous Trading. The administration is headed by the Chairman, Mr. Rohan Nanayakkara.

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