Honorary Consulate of Hungary

The prestigious Honorary Consulate of Hungary also encompasses the Sri Lanka-Hungary Business Council. The consulate attends to all matters pertaining to visa applications and immigration guidelines to Hungary. Those interested in visiting Hungary are requested to visit the consulate prior to submitting any applications.

Sri Lanka and Hungary have enjoyed a longstanding relationship for more than two decades. The country became one of our first development partner countries. Commencing with development programmes in until today, we have had cooperation with the Government of Sri Lanka and other Sri Lankan institutions in economic development, governance, peace and reconciliation and business. Over these years many Hungarians and Sri Lankans have worked together and established enduring friendships

Hungary is committed to support Sri Lanka and, vise versa in efforts to develop an inclusive economic growth and a peaceful country based on good governance and tolerance.

Sri Lanka is now a middle-income country and this gives Hungary the opportunity to look for more business cooperation between our two countries. Both Sri Lanka and Hungary are having the potential for sharing ideas and business opportunities should be further looked into.

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